The distant healing session is best carried out, either counsciouly in a meditative state via phone, or while you go about your daily activities. Healing intention is the key to direct healing energy that goes through my channel for you to grow and heal. Each distant treatment lasts 90 to 120min including a therapy summary.


Aura energy healing

  • Re-balance the energy in your aura
  • Align your chakras
  • Rising your vibration to feel stronger and happier
  • Removing negatives entities in your aura
  • Balance minerals 
  • Polarity Therapy by Dr. Rudolph Stone

Home energy clearing

  • Allow a balanced energy to flow in your house with harmony
  • Giving the chance to earthbound spirits to find peace and cross over to reach over the realm of Lights
  • Geobiology screening
  • Neutralization of diverses armful energies from electric and electronic devices
  • Distant, on-site home clearing or land property are also possible.

Oaths release, Aura Implant Healing

  • Aura Implant healing and clearing
  • Oaths and negative bonds release
  • Souls contract breach
  • Soul guide, psychopomp

Family lineage memories healing

  • Trauma and trans-generational healing
  • Ancestral karma healing

Past lives healing

  • Heal from physical and psychological wounds
  • Get over a burn-out, to release the emotional tension and get back to your self-confidence
  • Realign your professional career
  • Regain confidence after a divorce or a sentimental break
  • Get out from a toxic relationship
  • Find true love


Family & Children Healing

  • Balance the energy of your family
  • Help children to go through childhood steps from baby sleep issues to teenagehood


Animal communication

  • Intuitive communication
  • Healing
  • On-site or distant healing

ThetaHealing & Reiki & Ashati

  • Unleash conscious and unconscious beliefs directly impacting on your emotional well-being with ThetaHealing®
  • Reiki universal energy flow reduces stress
  • Ashati therapy releases blockages